S slovenščino odkrivam svet


The Slovenes often say that Slovenia is the country on the sunny side of the Alps. It borders Austria in the North, Hungary in the North-East, Croatia in the South and East and Italy in the West. It is divided into provinces which are quite different from each other in geographic and cultural respects: Koroška, Gorenjska, Primorska, Notranjska, Dolenjska, Štajerska, and Prekmurje. It is a varied and extremely green country as more than one half of its area is covered in woods. Gorenjska boasts the highest mountain in Slovenia, the 2,864m Triglav, while Primorska has 46.6km of the Adriatic coastline.

Nature, history, cuisine, wine, practices and customs, culture and architecture – the small country of Slovenia hides an enormous diversity. The easiest way to discover all this and much more is through language and this is why we are inviting you to enter the online course of Slovene.


Country Name: Republic of Slovenia
Area: 20,273 sq km
Capital: Ljubljana
Government type: Parliamentary Democracy
Monetary Unit: Euro


Population: 2,057,225
Average Age: 41.4 years old
Ethnicity: Slovene 83.06%, Italian 0.11%, Hungarian 0.32%, Serbian 1.98%, Croat 1.81%, Bosnian 1.1%, Other 11.62%
Religion: Catholic 57.8%, Protestant 0.8%, Orthodox 2.3%, Islam 2.4%


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